What it means to be a CEO

As we grow our business I’m beginning to realise how much my role is going to need to change. Marc Barro’s Will You Make it Past Being a Founder? is an excellent write up of his experience and insight into the switch from being a founder to a director.

4 points that resonated with me about the transitionary period we’re entering into:

Doing the work yourself is easy. Enabling your team to do better work than you is painstakingly hard.

Different from being a founder, thinking is valued over doing. No longer in the weeds, you should be designating significant time to understanding and thinking about the businesses.

Prioritizing Relationships – The people you spend time with are completely different. Being a real CEO means your leadership team and your board members take the majority of your time.

Capitalizing – A never-ending proposition, ensuring the business has enough capital is one of your sole jobs.

Charity of the month, Dec 2012

Southampton Street Pastors are a charity that works with local police between 10pm and 4am on Friday and Saturday nights helping anyone who needs it. Their 50 or so volunteers clean up broken glass, get vulnerable people home, administer first aid, defuse violent situations and give out blankets, flip flops and sweets every weekend.

We’re pretty keen on Southampton and want to see businesses flourish here and the work these guys do is having a measurable and recognised impact on crime levels – they’re looking after the city in a different way. Please check them out.

Star rating tutorial


One of our case studies touches on the creation of a star rating system for data collection tool used by Tearfund in Sub-saharan Africa.

Stars I hear you say? Well that’s just images. Easy.

Yeah, we could have built it using images. Dull dull dull. We’re still of the mind that anything can be accomplished with a little imagination so we opted for a css based approach. And here’s how we did it.

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Rareloop site update

It’s been a while in the making but Rareloop.com has had a welcome update including a case studies section showing off a little of what we do (more on it’s way). We had a lot of decisions to make about how we portray ourselves but eventually decided that transparency and simplicity work best. We won’t be hammering our Rareloop twitter account or artificially pushing a facebook page, instead we’re going to keep talking about things that we care about (when we can find the time) and show people what we do.

We hope you like it.

Revisiting CSS Counters

headline image

CSS Counters have been in the spec since 2.1 and work well with the psuedo elements :before and :after. They’re pretty neat especially when mixed with nested elements where they can return even more granular results but I’ve never seen them used in the wild.

CSS Counters seem designed for list items but what if you wanted to create documentation, Ts & Cs or minutes for a meeting that had section & sub-section numbers but weren’t laid out as a list? Turns out there are a few tricks to getting this to work properly.

Other examples I’ve seen explore using counters on ordered or unordered list and give you options for declaring the value of nested list items, but I wanted a solution that would allow numeration of a more ‘free-form’ document. So that’s what I’ve tried to do here, let me know how you think I did. . . Continue reading